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“LibreTechnica shares knowledge about technologies developed for the benefit of the commons. By promoting open-source technologies that are free from and resistant to corporate control, government censorship, political coercion, and environmental harm, we can together heighten and sustain the common good.” - From About Us

There are numerous ways you can liberate your technology. But you may not want to maintain a server or organize a whole makerspace. So we’ve broken down these solutions by scope; from a single person to a whole neighborhood and any size group in between.

For Individuals

As a single, indivisible unit of humanity, you can make small changes over time that will give you back control over your digital life. But it would be quite daunting to change your entire life’s technology to socially-conscious alternatives. That’s why we’ve divided those measures into three challenges that appeal to different concerns that people might relate to most.

  • The FOSS Challenge helps you switch to free and open software that you can trust.

  • Take the Privacy Challenge if you want to protect your personal and private information from corporate and government surveillance.

  • The Sustainability Challenge puts your tech in an environmental perspective and helps eliminate e-waste.

For Organizations and Families

Whether you’re trying to get your artisan soap-making business off the ground or you want to avoid vendor lock-in for your non-profit, this section helps small to medium groups of people meet their collaborative tech needs. There are resources for organizations and families and tools for business as well.

For Communities

Better communities make better societies. These community resources will help make your neighborhoods more vibrant and resilient through the power of shared collaboration. We didn’t forget about online communities either, the page on federated services will show you decentralized social networks independent of corporate influence.

What we’re up against

Read on to learn about the various threats to our digital freedom, broken down into five domains. Thank you for visiting LibreTechnica and we’re happy to be a part of your journey to liberate your technology!